Chinram Kaimi Ralhrang Hruh Sii An Pek Hna

Atang ah Laica in ka tial.
SAC terrorist helicopter crashed at Hakha. So much casualties from SAC terorist soldiers in Chinland these days that they have to put the death bodies in houses and burnt the house to eliminate the trace. SAC terrorists are so afraid of CNA and CDF joint forces that they have to be drug up every night and those who refuse to take the drug by mouth are injected by force according to the latest defector.

SAC ralhrang hi a thi mi an tam ngaingai. Nai tan Falam in Hakha kar ah 72 an thi (atang comment ah Falam le Hakha kar i ralhrang athimi kha 81 an si tiah thawng fiang kan theih an ti) i tampi hma an pu. Nawitlang ah khan 18 hma an pu. Cun tutan i Hakha in Kankaw lam i a kal cuah mah mi hna hi a thi mi an tam ngai. An ivui cawk lo caah an ruak kha inchung ah an pon hna i in kha mei in an duah. Lampi i in kan duah tawn mi khi ruak kan ifim tawn mi asi e tiah ahnu bik a rak zam mi ralhrang senthum pa nih aphuan.

Kawl ralhrang nih CNA le CDF kha an ttih tuk hna caah zan ih lai ah sitlang aihre mi tlang thum le si arang mi tlang hnih an dinh hna. Cu si din a duh lo mi cu an tlaih chih hna i an ban ah an chunh hna. Cu si an din ah cun kan mit zong a ku ti lo. kan thil phurh mi zong zei tluk a rih zong ah a rit le a zan kan thei ti lo tiah a hnubik a rak zam mi kawl ralhrang nih a chim.

Ralkap drug sithalo pek hi War Crime asi. An moral hi a rawk cikcek tinak asi. Lungfim bu in ral an do ngam, leng an chuak ngam tilo.

Helicopter hi akal tawnnak lam in an kan bawh i kan him lai lo tiah an ruah caah a kal tawn lo nak in a hrial tik ah thli a kal ning hoih lo in ttum ai tim i atla mi asi ti asi. CNA le CDF, CJDC pasaltha nusaltha pawl upatnak he. Salai Bawi Lian Mang

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